Miro 5.0.4

The utility plays, downloads and manages Internet media
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Miro is a music and video player that can be used to download media from the Internet and to manage it.
The utility allows you to play videos from websites such as YouTube, Hulu and PBS and to download them, including videos in HD quality. It supports many of the commonly known video files (WMV, MPEG, QuickTime, AVI etc.). Aside from downloading files from such sites, which don't offer a download option themselves, torrents can also be downloaded with this piece of software. An RSS news aggregator and podcatcher are included in the utility. After the download procedure, which is quite fast, videos and music files will be found in sections especially assigned to each of them. They can be sorted by several criteria, such as date, source, rating, file type, genre and others. You are able to create playlists with files selected from the downloaded ones. When playing videos, subtitles can be loaded if needed. Downloaded files can have their format converted to another one, as users are offered the opportunity to choose from a large list of formats (Droid, Epic, Xoom, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Mp3, Mp4, OGG and others). This option however can pose some problems, as tests with it didn't work. iTune libraries can be imported and syncing with several devices can be performed, among which Kindle Fire, Android phones and tablets, digital cameras. Files will be copied to the desired device by using the drag-and-drop method or by configuring certain syncing-related settings.
To sum up, Miro is a nice tool for downloading and managing music and video files.

Margie Smeer
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  • Downloads can be made from sites such as YouTube and Hulu
  • Torrents can be downloaded
  • Downloaded files can be managed with the utility
  • Syncs to Android, Kindle Fire and other devices


  • The file conversion process can pose problems
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